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Biomethane Cogenerators


Renewable energy solutions don't always have to involve sun or wind power.


A biomethane cogenerator utilises a renewable resource - but in fact a resource we prefer to get rid of!


Biomathane cogenerators are fuelled by methane harvested from decomposing organic waste or sewage.


Not only do biomethane cogenerators produce electricity, they produce heat as well.


So in one machine, you can generate two forms of power from a waste product that would otherwise be releasing destructive gas into the atmosphere.


In fact methane is arguably more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide.


If you own or operate a facility where organic waste is produced and electricity and heat are required, a Greenline biomethane cogenerator could be a great, cost-saving solution.


Biomethane cogenerators are well suited to group accommodation facilities, hospitals, apartments, hotels, resorts and schools.


Contact us to discuss how a Greenline biomethane cogenerator may be an ideal sustainable technology solution for your premises or development.