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Greenline Pool Heating


Heat up your pool and jump in more often!


Greenline evacuated tube solar hot water systems capture the free energy of the sun to heat your swimming pool. Evacuated tubes are a highly efficient way of heating water - even on overcast winter days.


Greenline's T60 array pool heater generates 20kWh or 70MJ midwinter (June/July in Southern Victoria, 30% more June/July in Northern Victoria). Multiple T60 arrays may be linked together for large pools.


The T60 collector array contains 60 evacuated tubes and is 3.900 metres wide by 2.650 metres high. It may be installed on a north facing un-shaded roof, wall or other suitable freestanding structure.


Make your pool more inviting throughout the year. Contact us to discuss your pool heating requirements. Download brochure here.

  • T60
  • T60
  • Enjoy your pool more often