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Greenline offers an extensive range of grid AC or solar DC powered water pumping systems.


Greenline pumping systems may be used to transfer water from any source such as bores, dams, rivers and stock watering tanks.


Greenline pumping systems are also well suited to crop spraying or irrigation applications.




We offer water pumps in casing sizes: 3'', 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12", and in power ranges:

0.38kw to 220kw. 304/316 Stainless Steel


The QF pumps are suitable for the following applications:


Groundwater monitoring

Raw water supply

Irrigation systems

Groundwater lowering

Pressure boosting

Industrial applications


Refer the graphs below:


Pumped Liquids: Clean, thin, non-aggressive liquids without solid particles or fibres.

Operating Conditions: Flow rate, Q: 0.1 – 280 m3/h. 
Head, H: Maximum 670m.




Curve tolerate according to ISO 9906, Annex A.

The performance curves below show pump performance at actual speed cf. standard motor range.

The speed of the 2 pole motors is approximately 2870 rpm

The performance measurements were made with airless water at a temperature of 200C.

The curves apply to a kinematic viscosity of 1mm2/second.

When pumping liquids with a density higher than that of fresh clean water, motors with correspondingly higher outputs must be used.

The curves (below) indicate the recommended performance range.

The performance curves are inclusive of possible losses such as non-return valve loss.

Power Curve: Bpkw/Stage shows pump power input per stage.

Efficiency Curve: Shows pump stage efficiency.

NPSHR: The curve is inclusive of suction case and shows required inlet pressure.

Power Curve: Shows pump power input at the actual speed required inlet pressure.

Q/H: The curves are inclusive of valve and inlet losses at the actual speed. Operation without non-return valve will increase the actual head at nominal performance by 0.5 to



Bearings with Sand Channels

All bearings are water-lubricated and have a square shape enabling sand particles, if any, to leave the pump together with the pumped liquid.

Inlet Strainer

The inlet strainer prevents particles over a certain size from entering the pump.

Non-Return Valve

All pumps are equipped with a reliable non-return valve in the valve casing preventing back flow in connection with pump stoppage. Furthermore, the short closing time of the non-return valve means that the risk of destructive water hammer is reduced to a minimum. The valve casing is designed for optimum hydraulic properties, to minimize the pressure loss across the valve and thus contributes to the high efficiency of the pump.