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Greenline Solar Electricity Systems


Solar electricity is not only a great way to protect yourself from rising power costs, it can add value to your property and, for most householders, will generate an excellent return on investment.


According to David Hetherington in the article Solar Yield Beats BHP Any Time (Australian Financial Review, 16th June 2011), investing in solar electricity for your home is likely to offer a better return than investing in BHP shares!


Hetherington calculates the likely return on an investment in a 2kW solar system with batteries to be 6.7% (this assumes no extra income from feed-in tariffs which will in fact be available to eligible households). He states that given this return is from savings on power bills, there is no tax to pay. So, for shares - or any other taxable investment - to offer an equivalent after tax benefit to installing a solar electricity system on your roof, they would need to be returning a very high 9.5%.


In terms of pay-back period, and depending on your particular circumstances and usage, your initial investment in a solar electricity system is likely to pay for itself within 5 to 10 years. Of course, from then on you will be enjoying the benefits of reduced power bills for the life of the system which will typically be 25 years or more.


To help get your solar electricity system installed, there are a number of government incentives which can offset a substantial amount of the initial purchase price.


Contact us to discuss your eligibility for rebates and feed-in tariffs.




We carefully select the components for our systems from the world's top manufacturers according to our own performance and durability criteria.


Click on the links below for further information about some of our system components.


Hanwha SolarOne Solar Electricity Panels

Aurora Inverters

Eaton Inverters





Federal and state governments offer a range of rebates and tariffs that can offset the purchase cost of your system. The details vary according to your location and the timing of your purchase.


Greenline solar electricity systems are installed by Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installers.





For further information and advice as to the best solar electricity system for your needs, refer to our frequently asked questions or contact us now.