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Solar Hot Water Systems




If you're currently using an electric hot water system, replacing it with a Greenline solar hot water system could reduce your energy bills by up to 70%.


This is the equivalent of planting 200 trees every year!


Evacuated tube solar hot water systems are significantly more effective than flat panel water heaters and will produce hot water even on an overcast winter's day.


Originally developed in Australia 30 years ago, evacuated tube hot water systems are now installed in homes around the world.


We recommend and install Edson evacuated tube solar hot water systems. The Edson evacuated tube solar hot water system is the most efficient available in Australia, converting 97% of the sun’s thermal energy.


Edson evacuated systems consist of dual concentric tubes of 2mm thick glass sealed under vacuum. They are the strongest evacuated tubes available on the market. The manifold and frame are made from highly durable, extruded anodized alloy.


Evacuated tube hot water systems are also a cost effective and environmentally friendly means of powering your hydronic heating system or heating your swimming pool.


There are rebates available to elligible customers which can significantly offset the cost of installing a solar hot water system.


Contact us to discuss the most suitable evacuated tube solar hot water system from your home or business.


Click here to see our Frequently Asked Questions about installing solar hot water.


Click here to download the Edson Evacuated Tube Hot Water System Brochure