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Community Education Services


Sustainability is a broadly used - and abused term.


It can be difficult for a customer to weigh up the benefits of the various sustainable technology solutions on offer.


The right solution for you may well be different to the right solution for your neighbour. There are many factors to consider before you invest in sustainable technology solutions.


Manufacturers tend to promote the positives of their products - but not give enough emphasis to the costs and trade-offs that you should also consider.


Federal and state government further complicate choices by continually tweaking the rebates and tariff schemes that you may qualify for.


The answer is quite simply better education.


You will make the best choices when you have the best information.


Greenline runs community education seminars in which we explain in clear and simple terms the key issues for living sustainably and getting the best return on investment in sustainable technology.


Many of the most effective solutions available to you are actually very simple and cost free!


However, when making a major capital investment in a long term sustainable technology solution for your home, business or community group, it is vital that you have the best information.


Our team include experienced educators who welcome the opportunity to provide engaging information sessions tailored for your business or community group. If there is a particular sustainability issue that you would like demystified, we'd be delighted to prepare a suitable event.


To book members of the Greenline team to present to your group, please contact us.